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A New Path to Spiritual Transcendence

WHAT IS ENLIGHTENISM? It is a breakthrough in Powers of Mind spirituality. This spiritual breakthrough was discovered after twenty years of work in the field of transcendent consciousness.

It is the consciousness of clarity and power. It is the power you need to transcend the toxic beliefs and values responsible for your powerlessness.

HOW DOES IT BENEFIT YOU? It provides you with the transcendent Powers of Mind to change the current conditions in your life.

It changes how you perceive yourself and others as powerless.

WHEN CAN YOU EXPECT TO SEE RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE? ENLIGHTENISM is now, and you experience it in the present moment.

WHEN DO YOU BEGIN THE ENLIGHTENISM PROCESS? You can experience this transcendent power in your life by registering for a Course-In-Enlightenism. Register today for an upcoming Course-In-Enlightenism, and claim this power for yourself.

The National BYE Society offers this illuminating discovery to those who desire to travel on the Powers of Mind path to enlightenment.


Our Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the power of enlightenment exists in all of us. And it’s this inner power of enlightenment that we all seek to obtain and use to create happiness in our lives. However, we believe that for us to achieve enlightenment or clear awareness, we must begin by identifying and removing the toxic beliefs from our minds.


Our social philosophy of enlightenment teaches personal responsibility and self-reliance. Personal responsibility is the awareness that as individuals we are responsible for our actions. Regardless of the magnitude of the problems in our lives, we participated in all of the actions that created them.


Self-reliance is the awareness that as individuals we have the power to change our actions and create different outcomes in our lives. The power to change our actions comes from the clarity we achieve when we remove the toxic beliefs from our minds.


 Our four-step enlightenment solutions philosophy teaches individuals how to actively participate in solving problems of powerlessness and victimization. We use the seminar and workshop methodology for this training.

Ten Principles of the National BYE Society

  1. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the present conditions in my life.
  2. I acknowledge that my beliefs and actions created the conditions in my life.
  3. I acknowledge that I have the power to change my beliefs and actions.
  4. I acknowledge that for me to change my beliefs and actions, I must first be willing to enter into self-discovery.
  5. I acknowledge that self-discovery is the gateway to my unconditioned awareness.
  6. I acknowledge that I have the power to express peace, love and compassion to others and to myself.
  7. I acknowledge that I have the power to live my life free of toxic beliefs.
  8. I acknowledge my responsibility for engaging in mindful parenting relationships with my family.
  9. I acknowledge that I have the power to live my life free from all forms of addictions.
  10. I acknowledge that I have the power to express happiness and mindfulness in all of my actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you mean by inner power? Is this spiritual?
  2. Is the BYE Society a new religion?
  3. How do you join or support the BYE Society?
  1. What do you mean by inner power? Is this spiritual?
    We define inner power as unconditioned consciousness. Unconditioned consciousness is that part of our minds that remains free of what we have been taught by others. It’s the awareness to rebuild our minds with the power to overcome the beliefs and values causing us to suffer and struggle. So from this perspective, it’s more aligned with clear reasoning than spiritual.
  2. Is the BYE Society a new religion?
    No! The BYE Society is an enlightenment organization. Our primary purpose is to awaken the mind to gain the clarity to see life without the toxic beliefs. It’s a social philosophy that focuses on personal responsibility and self-reliance for those who feel powerless in the world.
  3. How do you join or support the BYE Society?
    To join the BYE Society’s enlightenment movement, you must commit to our social philosophy of personal responsibility and self-reliance. And commit to the 10 principles that express our philosophy of enlightenment. Membership is open to everyone regardless of race, color, nationality, gender, or religion.

Our Founder

Malcolm Kelly and a small group of individuals came together in Oakland, California, in 1994, to address the social conditions affecting inner-city families. He was fresh out of college and curious about why certain people remained poor and oppressed throughout their lives.

He and his colleagues believed that the best way to overcome powerlessness and oppression was to have power over our minds. And from this conception, the National BYE Society was created.

Our Board

  • Malcolm Kelly, Founder and Chairman
  • Carolyn Kelly, Secretary and Treasurer
  • Sheriska Rogers, Board Member
  • Barbara Sullivan, Board Member

News & Events

Join us for two special "Meet the Author" events featuring "Brother Malcolm" Kelly who will be discussing his new book "Enlightenism: 21st Century Solutions for Overcoming Pain". Events will begin promptly at 11am at the Elk Grove Library on April 21 and April 28

Meet the Author

The National BYE Society offers a series of Powers of Mind clsasses, workshops and seminars to be held throughout the year.

Visit Malcolm Kelly's Blog on Social Philosophy and Spiritual Ideals. Malcolm Kelly is a Social Philosopher and Spiritual Practitioner, who has authored several books on personal responsibility and self-reliance.

The National BYE Society is pleased to announce an exciting new talk show Malcolm Kelly: Powers of Mind Hour. Beginning in October, join Malcolm as he shares how we may use Enlightenism as a holistic philosophy for a spiritually healthy life.

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